Kikoff- A FREE account you can open. They lend you $12 and each month you pay them back $1. This is an account that impacts 35% of your total credit score (35% payment history).

Rent Reporter- They take and report your last two years’ worth of rent payments to all 3 major credit bureaus. This gives you excellent payment history as well as additional boost on the credit mix side of of things. This account impacts 50% of your total credit score (35% payment history & 15% Credit Age).

Self. Inc- Is a loan in bank-held Certificate of Deposit (CD) that you payoff in monthly installments. Each monthly payment gets reported to all 3 major credit bureaus. That builds your all-important credit payment history-which makes up 35% of your credit score.

Smart Credit- Credit Monitoring service that we recommend to all of our VIP client’s. Lock thieves out of your Trans Union & Equifax reports.
Get an instant Alert anytime we get a hard inquiry for your report. Have $1MM in ID Theft Insurance & Resolution Specialist at your service 24/7.